TENANT Screening

Legal Couriers Yakima is the premier tenant screening service in the Yakima Valley. Our screenings consist of the following elements:
- Credit Check- We do a soft credit pull, which does not hurt the applicant’s credit.

- National and Local Criminal and Civil Checks

- Sex Offender Registry Check

- Employment Verification

- Landlord Reference Check (Two most recent landlords)

Our trusted process is accurate, thorough and on-time, so you have confidence in selecting your next tenant.

When your unit comes available, contact us. We will receive your applications, notify the you when we receive an application for their unit and finally return a report to you within 48 hours of the application being received.

How To Apply?

We receive applications in person at our office (811 W Yakima Ave, Suite 102) or through our on-line application. When submitting a screening please ensure we receive a completed application, a photo of all the applicants’ driver’s licenses, and a copy of the applicants’ past two pay stubs. Be sure to include the past two landlord phone numbers and the applicant’s current employment contact information.

Our Fees

We require payment at the time of application. Our background screening fees are:

- Background Screening $50.00
- Credit or debit convenience fees (if applicable) + $3.00

We encourage landlords to have applicants pay this fee.

How do we return the screening results?

We will call the landlord and email them a copy of the screening report. We will not give a copy of our report to the applicant.

How long does a screening take to complete?

We will have the results to the landlord or employer within 48 hours. We strive for less than 24 hours.

Process Serving

Two Ways To Apply

Legal Couriers has been serving legal documents in the Yakima Valley for decades. We have a knowledgeable staff and team of servers whom you can trust to accurately fulfill your process service needs on time. Contact us at office@legalcouriersyakima.com or call 509-453-1134 and we will be glad to assist you with any of your process serving needs.


We have a team of skilled and experienced process servers.

To better serve our clients, we do have an office with receptionist available Monday through Friday 9-5 to answer your questions and ensure you have what you need to provide the best service to your client. For after hours service, call 509-833-1548.


We actively serve in both Yakima and Kittitas Counties.
We can complete service anywhere you need service completed.


Call us at 509-453-1134


email documents to office@legalcouriersyakima.com


Rush serves will be attempted in 24 hours and completed within 3 days.

Standard serves will be complete in 14 days.

For all our serves we will attempt three times and then contact our client for further instructions.

We speak with neighbors and others to gain information to make successful serves. If on the third attempt we gain information which leads us to believe attempt four will be successful, we will attempt the fourth. If we do not get added information, we will ask the client for further instructions.

Once the service is complete, we will notify you of the serve, prepare and then send to you an original affidavit of service. Notary is available on request.


Yakima City    
$60 $70
Yakima County 
$80 $110
Kittitas County 
$110 $150
Yakima Court Filing
$40 $60
Kittitas Court Filing 
$110 $150

  • Plus .15 cents per page over 30 pages per job.

  • Plus $15 per additional GR17

Attorney Messaging

Time is money and we know that as an attorney your time is valuable. Let us do the footwork and deliver your legal documents to other law offices or file them with the local courts. We are accurate, trusted and on time. We deliver anywhere in the Yakima Valley, down to Prosser. We deliver 5 days a week and will develop a messaging service that works for you. Contact us for prices and to discuss how we can serve you.

Office Address Service

A physical address is necessary in the legal profession but can be prohibitive. We invite you to use our address. Send your mail and legal documents to our office. We keep them safe and confidential. You can pick them up anytime during our office hours.