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Legal Couriers began years ago as a process serving company. In the early 2000’s Dennis Copeland purchased the company from Harold. Dennis had a vision to not only continue the long tradition of process serving, but also to help address the need in our valley for safe housing. Dennis’ vision to accomplish this was to resource landlords to make the dream of owning and self-managing rental units a reality in the Yakima Valley. Dennis was trusted as a reliable resource to this end for many years until he became ill and passed away in 2021. Linda Copeland, Dennis’ widow continued
Dennis’ legacy for a couple of years.

In 2013, Tyler and Michelle Critchlow became landlords with their first rental. As new landlords they sought out resources to help them learn how to manage their own rentals. They quickly joined the Yakima Landlords Association and then were referred to Legal Couriers to do their tenant screening. They benefitted from the service Dennis and his team provided. In 2022, when needing once again to select new tenants for one of their units they spoke to Linda about the future of Legal Couriers and over the next 6 months came to an agreement with Linda to purchase Legal Couriers on
May 1st of 2023.

In addition to being Landlords and loving the Yakima Valley, Tyler is a Real Estate Agent with Berkshire Hathaway, and has experience in customer service and business strategy. Michelle has also worked in the housing field most of her career. Together Tyler and Michelle desire to continue the legacy of Legal Couriers to see Yakima continue to be a wonderful place to live, raise a family and invest in real estate. They agree with Dennis’ vision to strive to create safe housing in Yakima and are committed to continuing the legacy Howard, Dennis and Linda began many years ago.


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